November 2021

The application portal is already open and the ​deadline is January 26, 2022 at 5:00pm EST.

Nora's Guide was born in spring of 2020 on the blog of The Lark Theatre (R.I.P.) as a way to help connect artists with opportunities for funding for themselves and their work. It also offered tips and tricks on research and grant-writing — and the occasional rant about the late capitalist hellscape in which we're all trapped. Special thanks to Adam Elsayigh, Olivia George, Jennifer Haley, Anika Massmann, and Rani O'Brien for working on The Lark's original Nora's Guide!

Now, Nora's Guide will live independently on this page and will be updated once a month with a new list of grant opportunities for artists. Click the name of the grant opportunity to go to its website!

Nora's Guide to Kicking Ass & Applying for Grants

That's all for this month, but there'll be three to five opportunities on here at a time starting in December. And here's a quick tip to help you with grant research:

If you're trying to find funding opportunities and don't know where to start, try searching to see if there are any arts councils in your county or neighborhood. There are community organizations specifically dedicated to supporting artists who live and work locally. If you don't see any immediate grant info, check to see if they have a phone number. I know most people hate making phone calls these days, but it's a great way to not only get information, but to build a relationship.

Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grants

​FCA's Emergency Grants program provides visual and performing artists with urgently needed, last-minute funding for public presentation of their work. The gist is if you have an unanticipated expense right before your exhibition or show opens or if you have a sudden opportunity to present your work and need financial support to do so, FCA will provide a modest amount to help. It's a unique program and awards are made monthly. They get about 100 applications per month and are able to fund 12-15 of them, providing awards of $500 to $3,000.

FCA's application portal is already open and the next deadline to submit is December 13, 2021.

NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship

​This is a $7,000 unrestricted cash grant available to artists in New York State. Unrestricted means that you can use the funds for whatever you need — there are no requirements that you can't use it for rent or for travel, etc. This year, they are accepting applications from artists in the following disciplines:

  • ​Architecture/Environmental Structures/Design
  • Choreography
  • Music/Sound
  • Photography
  • Playwriting/Screenwriting