The Lark is an international theater laboratory, based in New York City, dedicated to amplifying the voices of playwrights by providing transformative support within a global community.

Nora joined The Lark family in January 2018 and currently serves as Director of Development. As Director of Development, it is their job to ask you to click here to give to this truly important and impactful institution.





As a rage-fueled, multi-hyphenate, non-binary, anarcho-communist snowflake, Nora has dreamt of dying for the revolution since they played Gavroche at age 11. They are particularly driven to synthesize theater and protest by creating and performing work that calls for socio-political action. Their most cherished moment of combining these two passions occurred when they played Chelsea Manning in protest theater.

Currently, Nora's patriarchy-smashing ambitions are being manifested in the Beyond the Binary Initiative, which aims to provide financial and artistic support to gender expansive theater artists. To support Beyond the Binary's pilot program, a monthly writers' group for non-binary playwrights, click here!

Less Than Rent Theatre is an innovative independent theater company based in New York. In addition to winning multiple FringeNYC and USolo awards, they were named "People of the Year 2013" by Indie Theater Now.

Nora has worked with Less Than Rent since 2011, as an actor in numerous plays and as a playwright for two full productions, two workshops, and several readings and sketches. As a company member, Nora would be remiss if they didn't ask you to click here to support LTR.